We have a long time experience with different metal products and a very good contact to our partners.

The range of the products we offer is very wide: Metal products in different kinds of finishing, shapes and designs- products, which are produced by our partners in Slovenia.

Castings made of steel, grey iron, nodular iron, corosion and acid resistand castings, finish machined forgings and castings.

Very large range of finish machined parts for different industries such as production of machines and components, steel constructions, transportation equipment, industrialknives, steel production,…

Our products are manufactured from high quality grades and sold worldwide.

Together with our partners we offer technical improvements and the best solutions for customers and their product requirements.

Quality, flexibility and individual solutions.

Wider range of products, better implementation possibility.


We offer technical support, documentation, production of patterns and moulds, heat treatment, inspections and testings of the finished castings.

Quality Assurance:

inspections of the chemical analysis, x-ray testing, penetration testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, size control, hydrostatic test.

Moulding Technology:

mask method, Veloset procedure (self-hardening sand moulds), individually or in series (weight: iron from 0,2 kg – 60.000 kg; GG/GGG 20.000 kg).

Production programme:

grey iron, nodular iron, unalloyed and low alloyed steel castings, corrosion and acid-resistant steel castings, heat-resistant steel castings, wear-resistant steel castings, austenitic-ferritic steel castings (Duplex), special alloys,…

Areas of use:

castings for machinery and components, metallurgy, food industry, train engines, pumps, valves, drive components chemical industry, power generation technology.


ISO 9001, AD-WO/TRD100,…

Mechanical Engineering

Our strength is a very wide range of products and services for various industries.

Production possibilities:

Production of equipment according to customer’s own documentation and requirements from forgings, castings and other profiles, including mechanical processing and heat treatment.

Material handling equipment:

welding constructions, assembly constructions, lifting technology

Metallurgical equipment:

continuous casting, rolling mill equipment, spare parts for rolling mills, forging mills.

General Engineering:

Special-forming machines, machines and components, transportation equipment, power industry,…


made of structural steel, stainless steel and fine grain steel


Machining: milling, turning, drilling, grinding

Heat treatment: annealing, tempering, quenching, surface hardening (flame and induction hardening), hardening

Tests: Non-destructive testing of semi- and finish machined products: MT: magnetic testing, UT: Ultrasonic testing, RT:X-Ray Testing, 3-D-measuring, Calibrating testing


We offer Industrial knives for high quality industrial requirements for:

Knives for plastics

Rotor-and stator knives, Granulator knives, Shredder knives, Peletiserknives,..

Knives for metal

Knives for Steel Plants, Steel Service Centres, Scrap, demolition and Waste Recycling

Knives for wood

Veneer knives, chipping knives, saw knives,…

Knives for paper

Knives for paper, cardboard industrie


Steel in Bars

Tool Steel

Hot work toolsteel (for hot work tools, die casting tools, extrusions,…)

Cold work toolsteel (for cold work tools, cutting-off tools, knives, cold working rolls,…)

Low alloyed cold work steel (for tap drills, different cutting tools, drawing dies,…)

Constructional Steel

Alloyed steel

Low alloyed steel (different industries, automotive and aircraft industry)

Special Steel

Stainless acid- and heat resistant steels for chemical industry, mechanical engineering, food industry, energy, transportation,…

High speed steel

For cutting –off tools (knives, drills, cutters,…), cold work tools, rolls,…